My name is Inna, Scandinavian and 32 years old. I'm based in London. I can travel easily to Central London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports

After a footloose globe-trotting life I have decided to settle down and work full time as an independent escort in London. During the last decade I have been the mistress and friend of some very rich and influential men. However I became tired of being a trophy girlfriend and I wanted more freedom and independence. Since being in London I have had a wonderful time meeting new and interesting men who have been really fun to meet.

I work out in a local gym in London three times a week and I really take care of my body as you can see from my photos. My skin is very soft and smooth and I really enjoy being touched. I am responsive to intimacy and can easily rise to passion when the moment is right. I also realise that the Scandinavian attitude to this way of meeting and dating is relaxed and more informal than usual in the UK, so don't be surprised that I am so genuinely pleased to meet you and that I also enjoy our time together. I like that men want to make the effort to be with me, and I find the cocktail of meeting new people and sex to be very exciting :)

I would like you to read through my website and get to know a little more about me and hopefully if you like what you read you will call me. I am a friendly and kind hearted person who enjoys life and the company of men.

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